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Coming Events 2013/14 
*September to June*  

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Friday the 2nd, 6.30pm to 9pm

Italian wine tasting
Join us for a "degustazione di vini" / "wine tasting" (5 wines:  (Cortese, Rose', Prosecco, Barbera e Dolcetto) accompanied by Italian antipasti and authentic bake stone pizza.
We have only 15 places so please book early to avoid disappointments. To book via email only at: committee@danteloughborough.vpweb.co.uk
Venue: Peter Pizzeria 43 Ashby Square, Loughborough, LE11
Cost: £18 (£5 deposit to secure your place - please email for details).

Friday the 9th, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Pizza Making and Taste at Peter Pizzeria, Loughborough
We have organised an exiting opportunity to see pizza prepared and cooked the authentic Italian way... and make your own too! Join us at Loughborough's Peter Pizzeria (43 Ashby Square, Loughborough).
We have only 12 places. To book via email only at: committee@danteloughborough.vpweb.co.uk. The event will cost £20 and will include pizza, lesson, any drink and slice of Nutella or Cherry pizza. The event will run promptly from 6.30pm to 8.30pm only.

Venue: Peter Pizzeria 43 Ashby Square, Loughborough, LE11
Cost: £20 (£5 deposit to secure your place - please email for details).

Friday the 16th, 7pm to 9pm
The Italian Renaissance Fountains – When Water flows through Art, by Michael Cefai
The hot dry climate of Italy gave water an obvious appeal. This talk looks at some of the fascinating water fountains of the Italian Renaissance”.
VenueVenue: Radmoor Centre at Loughborough College (Please report to Reception)
Cost: free for members, £3 for non members. Tea and coffee & biscuits included.
Saturday the 7th of June at 6.30pm

Festa Italiana
This year the DA of Loughborough celebrates 30 years (1984-2014) and we have organised a evening full of fun, music, entertainment and of course Italian food. Join us in today celebration. 
***Booking essential***
Please book by filling the form below . In order to confirm your place, please send a cheque for the full amount, made payable to the Dante Alighieri Society, to the address provided once you fill the form.
VenueRadmoor Centre at Loughborough College (Please report to Reception)
Cost: £18 for members, £20 for non members.

PN: For further information about the dishes you can see the full menu here .
MENU - Please select below (one form for each guest please)
Your Name and Surname please
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Please list any special request
Parma Ham, Figs, Rocket, Balsamic & olives
Figs, Rocket, Balsamic & olives, grissini (V)
Gnocchi (V)
Ravioli (V)
Pollo - Chicken
Pesce - Fish
Risotto (V)
Dolce, Formaggi e Frutta
Caffe or tea
We are extremely grateful to the following companies for their generous support of our 'Festa Italiana' in celebration of our 30th Anniversary.
Arden & Amici - www.ardenandamici.com 

Arden & Amici have developed a fantastic Italian bakery range capturing the love and devotion Italians have for their food, family and friends.   Visit their website to find out more about their range of authentic Italian biscuits which can be found in Waitrose and Tesco stores
Bonieri  - www.bonieri.com 

Bonieri was founded with the aim of bringing traditional Italian chocolate and other specialities from the Piedmont region to the UK, together with the stories that inevitably accompany them.  Turin brings a tremendous heritage to the world of chocolate -Turin’s first chocolate maker was granted a licence to produce chocolate back in 1678.  Masked characters threw gianduiotti into the crowds during carnival in the 1800s. A competition launched by FIAT in early 1900s produced the Cremini. 
The Bonieri chocolate product range has been carefully chosen for its heritage, tradition and of course, delicious taste.  From the richest smoothest gianduiotti, to the crumbliest nougat, the colourful foils on Bonieri chocolates say unwrap, share and enjoy…  Visit their wonderful website to see their tempting range.
Cook Italian  - www.cookitalian.co.uk 

Cook Italian products are authentically made in Italy, with Italian ingredients, by Italian family companies with generations of expertise – for true Italian flavour every time you Cook Italian!  They have a range of high quality products including tomatoes, pasta, puree and passata, olive oil and grated cheese.   
Visit their wonderful website to find out more about their range as well as discover some great recipes.

Ferrari –  a symbol of speed, luxury and wealth. 

Graypaul Ferrari, Nottingham, have a modern, state of the art showroom full of amazing cars.  They are in discussion with the Dante Alighieri Society with regard to a number of their staff learning to speak Italian.
The dealership is headed up by Managing Director Mario Vignali, who is committed to ensuring that the team provide outstanding levels of customer service.
Franchi Seeds 1783 

The oldest family run seed company in the world.
"We're a family run company and we value our customers very much which is probably why we're still in business are 7 generations in the same family since 1783! Please contact us if we can help you and being Italians, we do prefer to speak to people rather than computers...... but you can email us too. Telephone: 0208 427 5020
Paolo and Alessandra Arrigo"
 Limoncello - www.limoncello.co.uk   

Limoncello have spent the last 15 years sourcing and refining the very best Italian CheesesItalian Sausage and Meats, DrinksBiscuits and all kinds of other gourmet Italian delicacies, including of course, the World famous Limoncello Liqueur - the inspiration for their name. They also have some lovely Luxury Hampers.
Visit their wonderful website to find out more about their range of products that you can buy online.
Saporito Fine Foods - www.saporitofinefoods.com 
Saporito Fine Foods are a local Leicestershire company run by Giovanni Cancelliere who has a real passion for Italian food. 
Visit their wonderful website to find out more about their range as well as discover some great recipes.  Initially they are concentrating on Truffles and Truffle products, but plan to introduce other items in due course.  They sell both wholesale and retail. Retail items can be purchased in their online shop or by telephone. Their prices are extremely competitive because there are no middle men as they only deal direct with the hunters and producers.
Vorrei - www.vorrei.co.uk 

Vorrei is a part British, part Italian, family-run online food retailer, specialising in bringing the culture of great tasting, authentic and healthy Italian food to the UK consumer.  Founders, Luca and Nicola Pagliaro, lived and worked in Italy for 15 years and know just how fabulous traditional Italian food can be. Often at its best when kept simple and always prepared using fresh, natural ingredients and traditional methods. Vorrei was established to bring the finest Italian food and traditional ingredients to the UK. Traditional Italian culture is to take time to savour and enjoy food. Vorrei supports the Slow Food Movement, an initiative that was founded in Italy to counter the rise of a fast food culture and promote a better way to eat.
Visit their wonderful website to find out more about their huge range of products that you can buy online.

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